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Synthetic slings can be washed

You can wash your synthetic CERTEX, POWERTEX and Extreema® round slings and webbing slings as long as you follow our washing instructions.


It is best not to use a washing machine on a regular basis but every now and then (every 4-6 months) it should be no problem.

CERTEXNote! Never use centrifugation feature on the machine.

Water temperature

Water temperature max. 40°C with a mild soapy detergent. After cleaning/washing, allow the sling to dry naturally in a warm environment (room temperature) away from direct sunlight before use.
Regular hand cleaning to wipe away surface dirt and grease is preferred, and whenever required by rubbing a mild soapy detergent with a damp sponge on the affected area. Again after cleaning/washing, allow the sling to dry naturally in a warm environment (room temperature) away from direct sunlight before use.

CERTEX Note! Never use alkali washing solutions.

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Solutions of acids

Solutions of acids or alkalis which are harmless can become sufficiently concentrated by evaporation to cause damage. Contaminated slings should be taken out of service at once, soaked in cold water, dried naturally and handed to a competent person for examination.

If exposure to chemicals is likely, the manufacturer or supplier should be consulted.

The man-made fibres from which the roundsling is produced are susceptible to degradation if exposed to ultra-violet radiation. Roundslings should not be stored in direct sunlight or sources of ultra-violet radiation.

Where lifting slings have come into contact with acids and/or alkalis, dilution with water or neutralization with suitable media is recommended prior to storage.

Depending on the material of the lifting sling and on the chemicals, it may be necessary in some cases to request from the supplier additional recommendations on the cleaning procedure to be followed after the sling has been used in the presence of chemicals.


When not in use, slings should be stored in clean, dry and well ventilated conditions, at room temperature and on a rack, away from any heat sources, contact with chemicals, fumes, corrodible surfaces, direct sunlight or other sources of ultra-violet radiation.

Slings which have become wet during the washing process, or as the result of cleaning, should be hung up and allowed to dry naturally before further use.



Correct storage of round sling


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