LIFTKET electric chain hoists

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LIFTKET electric chain hoists for cranes

You may have noticed that many of our crane solutions are equipped with an electric chain hoist from LIFTKET. This is no accident! When we install a crane for a customer, or optimize an existing crane solution, the aim is to deliver a flexible and reliable high-quality solution - and the LIFTKET products will give you that. CERTEX Danmark A/S is the sole distributor in Denmark of LIFTKET's chain hoists and we stock hoists with a capacity of up to 2500 kg with both manual and electric trolleys, as well as a wide selection of spare parts and extra accessories. Regardless of whether your need is a standard electric chain hoist or a customized solution, we will help you find the best product.

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Electric chain hoists from 125 kg to 25 tons

The electric chain hoists from LIFTKET meet most needs and with a capacity range from 125 kg up to 25 tons, even very heavy items can be lifted and moved in a safe and reliable way. LIFTKET electric chain hoists are used in almost every industry sector and in more than 65 countries. We recommend LIFTKET electric chain hoists together with our jib cranes and light cranes as well as Danfoss remote controls for maximum precision and operational reliability.

Speedline - for extremely fast delivery

Have you heard about our fast delivery line? With Speedline you can get STAR LIFTKET electric chain parts from 125 - 5000 kg with extremely short delivery time of maximum 15 working days.

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LIFTKET electric chain hoist on CERTEX crane

Product range LIFTKET electric chain hoists

At CERTEX Danmark A/S, we offer a wide range of LIFTKET electric chain hoists, which covers lifting needs of 125 kg and up to 25,000 kg.
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Customized solutions

In addition to the standard product series, we also offer special solutions in collaboration with LIFTKET. We thus manage any lifting challenge that can be solved with an electric chain hoist. Listed below are some examples of special solutions.

Selection of flexibly configurable features:

  • Lifting height and lifting speeds
  • Space heaters
  • Special corrosion protection up to C5 in any colour
  • All control and operating voltages
  • Versions for foundries
  • Second hoist brake
  • Load measuring equipment
  • Extra short chassis
  • Trolleys for curved tracks
  • Gear-type limit switch with several switching points
  • Encoder for positioning and automatic mode

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Remote controls

Use Danfoss wireless remote controls together with your crane/trolley and LIFTKET electric chain hoist for safe and efficient operation.
The remote controls can be adapted to the user's needs, and they come with many functions and accessory options.

Electric chain hoists

CERTEX Danmark A/S offers a wide range of electric chain hoists that covers lifting requirements from lifting of 125 kg - 25,000 kg.

Statutory crane service

CERTEX Danmark A/S performs crane service on all crane types.

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