Liftket hoists for cranes

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Wire- and chain hoists for cranes

Special solutions - STAR Liftket

  • Up to WLL 2 x 1250 kg
  • Synchronous lifting of long loads
  • Lifting speed up to 5 m/min.

Electric chain hoist - STAR VFD

  • Up to WLL 1 ton
  • Variable control from 2-36 m / min. (depending on the load)
  • Up to 200% faster without load

Standardized hoist with hook or eye

  • Up to WLL 25 ton with 400 V power supply
  • Up to WLL 2 ton with 230 V power supply
  • Available with manual or electric trolley

Liftket hoists special solutions

You need it extra-short? Extra-high? Extra-long? Extra-fast? Extra-customized? Are you looking for single pieces in serial production? Batch size one? Then you‘ve come to the right place at LIFTKET!

Decades of experience, professional ability and our willingness to master any challenge brings our tailor-made applications to life – even when produced in series. You benefit from the best quality and innovative technology. And our own developments and production from a single source render your custom products real.

Your individuality is our reality. Just watch your dreams come to life!

Applications for individual solutions

Any application deviating from thestandard, e.g. foundry

  • Power stations
  • Food industry
  • Modernisation and conversion of old industrial plants
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water treatment

Special solutions

Selection of flexibly configurable features:

  • Lifting height and lifting speeds
  • Space heaters
  • Special corrosion protection up to C5 in any colour
  • All control and operating voltages
  • Versions for foundries
  • Second hoist brake
  • Load measuring equipment
  • Extra short chassis
  • Trolleys for curved tracks
  • Gear-type limit switch with several switching points
  • Encoder for positioning and automatic mode
Elkædetaljer specialløsninger

Liftket hoists options

LIFTKET electric-chain hoists are used in almost every sector of industry. Whether it‘s for a stonemason or the food industry, shipyards or power stations – we lift and move weights in a safe, precise and reliable way.

The LIFTKET product portfolio offers you standardized hoists that can be adjusted to your requirements in a modular way, as well as highly specialized solutions. Larger lifting and operating heights are just as viable as deviating voltages and special solutions of any kind.

You tell us what you want to move – and we will develop and supply the perfect solution.


From 80 kg to 25,000 kg we lift everything that moves you

  • FEM ratings from Fem 1Bm to 4m (ISO M3 to M7)
  • Protection class IP55, insulation class F
  • Galvanised load chain to DIN 818-7 quality class DAT
  • A wide range of options can be selected as standard
  • Optional one or two lifting speeds from 2 to 32 m/min
  • With heavy-duty end position switch-off as standard (at 24VAC)

Stationary version

  • Stationary version with hook or eye
  • Eye (connection between crane and trolley) compatible with all commercially available trolleys and suspensions


  • Load-dependent, infinitely variable control from 2 to 36 m/min.
  • Up to 200 % faster without load
  • Easy-to-read display with operating hours, remaining service life according to FEM
  • Brake cycles and starts


  • Manual or electric trolleys in various designs for each steel section girder
  • Short suspension and precise horizontally suspended hoist due to two-bolt suspension
  • High-quality, galvanized impellers and fall protectionsLiftket Hoists Options

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Electric chain hoists

CERTEX Denmark offers a wide range of electric chain hoists that cover lifting requirements from lifting of 125 kg - 25,000 kg.

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