Meet Jørgen Bjerregaard
Meet Jørgen Bjerregaard

Jørgen has experienced a bit of everything through his job here at CERTEX Danmark A/S such as descent from 50 meters height wearing fall protection as well as testing a wire rope zipline.

Meet Morten Keinicke
Meet Heidi Bjerring

Morten is kind of an "iron man", both professionally and privately, as he spends a lot of his free time on running - long and demanding runs.

Meet Søren Kirkeberg
Meet Søren Kirkeberg
Søren is the Key Account Manager in our Renewables department, and his most important task is to find the right solution for a given task.

Meet Jonas Harbo
Meet Jonas Harbo​​​​​​
Jonas is our engineering student, and he assists both with innovation of new products as well as traditional engineering work.

Meet Heidi Bjerring
Heidi is our receptionist. She is the one who makes sure you get hold of the right person with us when you contact us either by phone, e-mail or in person.