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At CERTEX Danmark A/S we are experts in lifting equipment and related services. We have built up our extensive knowledge over more than 135 years and together with our sister companies, we provide lifting products, service and support throughout Europe.

Our services include statutory service inspection of lifting equipment and cranes, load tests of various subjects, custom-made lifting tools and much more. If you are looking for equipment for a specific project or lifting task, you can also rent tested and certified lifting gear.

Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Statutory service inspections

The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) demands a main inspection at least every 12 months on all kinds of lifting and transporting equipment. This inspection must be performed by a competent person.

At CERTEX Danmark A/S we currently have 17 mobile service vans, all of which are equipped to carry out statutory inspection and maintenance tasks directly at your workplace.

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Our in-house test center

We can load test up to 1,200 ton in our own test bench

Your difficult challenges = our simple solutions

When you are faced with a complicated lifting task, we can advise and help you find the right equipment and the right lifting method. If the right equipment is not available, we can design a new tool in our engineering department. We look forward to solving your next lifting challenge.

Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Løfteåg - udlejning

Lifting equipment on rental

Renting lifting equipment is a growing trend with many benefits. Rental enables you to have temporary access to a complete set-up of lifting tools, convenient for project-based operations. 
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Customized lifting product

Customized solutions

Our engineers are experts in designing and constructing customized lifting tools and solutions - focusing on safety and quality. We can solve the most difficult lifting challenges.
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What is CertMax+ ?

CertMax+ is a secure software system that gives you easy and fast access to your service reports and certificates online. As a customer, you get free access to the system.
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