NIKO Scaffolding crane

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Lift and move loads throughout scaffolding structures

With a NIKO scaffolding runway system, you get the perfect solution for lifting and moving loads throughout a scaffolding support structure. Its modular design incorporates straight lengths, curves, and switches so that it can be designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. The runway system connects directly to scaffolding poles and it is possible to use either a manual or electric hoist in conjunction with the system to facilitate lifting.

The NIKO scaffolding runway system is delivered as a kit for ease of installation, extension, and relocation. Our service technicians can install the system for you.

Scaffolding crane – up to WLL 1,600 kg

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Available in straight and curved sections
  • Can be used with manual or electric hoist
  • Connects directly to scaffolding poles
  • Finish: Zink
  • Delivered as a kit for easy installation and relocation
  • CE certified


Drawing scaffolding crane
Scaffolding crane runs around the corner
Scaffolding crane mounted

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NIKO Light crane solutions

The NIKO light crane system provides an ergonomic and cost effective solution to conventional overhead crane systems, particularly when there is a height and space restriction.

Statutory crane service of all types of cranes

CERTEX Danmark A/S offers statutory crane service of all types of cranes. You get access to your documentation via our online database CertMax+.