CERTEX carries out continuous inspection of:

Hoisting and lifting gear and fall protection equipment.
We perform regular inspection of lifting equipment in accordance with Arbejdstilsynes (At) stating that lifting equipment must be controlled before use for safety reasons. The equipment must be controlled visually or by a non-destructive test.

Even fall protection equipment must be controlled regularly. CERTEX carries out inspection of personal fall protection equipment and systems according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

• Experience
• Special competences
• CertMax+

To maintain safety in your place of work you – as the employer and owner of lifting gear – must meet current norms, standard, and legislation. We help you meet the requirements by continuous surveillance of your lifting gear and fall protection equipment. Usually we carry out tests on site, but you may also choose to send your equipment to one of our service centres.

When you order a service inspection from us, CertMax+ is included in the price. This web service gives you access to history, documentation and planned activities for each product.