You can hear all about it here, as Søren Kirkeberg works as a global Key Account Manager in CERTEX Danmark's Renewables department


Meet our Key Account Manager Søren Kirkeberg

Meet Søren KirkebergSøren had only been employed in our internal Renewables sales department for a short time when he started working as Key Account Manager in June 2021. The Renewables department is especially aimed at customers in the wind energy sector.

“The job as global Key Account Manager is basically to ensure that our global Renewables customers are well supported and to build a strong collaboration between the local Lifting Solutions Group companies around the world, so that customers can get local support in their own country. It is incredibly important for our customers to be able to get local support, so that any language barriers are avoided, local regulations are complied with and not least the environmental considerations that are taken into account by having products delivered locally. To get all the ends together, it requires that you sometimes think of alternatives and my saying is "you have to improvise sometimes, to impress" says Søren.

“As a key account manager, I have a close dialogue with existing as well as new customers. It is my most important task to find the right solution for a given task, together with the local sales manager from CERTEX Renewables and the customer. I also take part in larger projects from start to finish, and then act as a link between the customer and sales, purchasing, workshop and technical department. My job is to make sure all ends come together, and make sure the customer feels heard and safe, and that makes my daily work incredibly versatile and even though it sounds like a bit of a cliché, there are never two days that are the same”, Søren explains.

“The best thing about this job is the large interface I have with the customers. In addition, there is a fantastic atmosphere in CERTEX Danmark. Everyone works hard to do their absolute best - every day. The management is listening and visible in everyday life, which is also shown by the fact that the doors are always open”, Søren concludes with a smile.


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