We load test special lifting equipment

Special load test

Many custom-made lifting tools cannot be load tested in our stationary test benches/towers. When these are to be tested, it takes place in collaboration with external crane truck companies, who come to our premises and lift the setups we have prepared. We can carry out load tests of up to 300 tonnes in this way.

We test e.g., these types of custom-made lifting equipment in this way:

Lifting beams
Frame beams
Coil hooks

Below you can see how we carry out load tests of various special lifting equipment!

Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Load test of specially designed spreader beam

Load test spreader beam

This load test is carried out in collaboration with one of our external partners who come to us, and do the lifting with one of their large truck cranes.

Load test safety basket

Load test of rescue basket

Two new rescue baskets are being tested with 1250 kg. Here we use our specially designed insert plates so that the net is not damaged.

Load test lifting frame

Load test of lifting frame

Here we carry out load test of a lifting frame acc. to DNV 2.7-1 section 3.5.1, with a test load of 33.099 kg distributed over 4 equal ballast points.

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Water Weights

Testing with Water Weights is a flexible method and can be performed both onshore and offshore

50 ton test tower

We perform load testing of all kinds of equipment in our vertical test tower - up to 50 ton

1.200 ton test bench

In our 1,200 ton test bench we perform video documented pull tests up to 1.200 ton and breaking tests up to 900 ton