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RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification

An increasing number of our products are equipped with RFID tags as standard. Here you can read more about the value the RFID-tag brings to the product, what equipment is required to read it, and whether it can create value to retrofit the RFID tag on a lifting tool

What is RFID?

RFID is a technology that communicates between a Radio Frequency IDentification tag and a scanner using radio waves. A scanner is used for reading information from an RFID tag, which are then stored in a database. These tags can be very small, and can therefore be assembled on most products, including textiles. Communication can go both ways and can be read from and written to most tag types.

What is the benefit of having lifting equipment equipped with RFID?

We use the technology for easy identification of a lifting product in connection with service inspection. It helps us keep track of the product's service status, as data is registered in our CertMax+ certification system, but data can also be entered in its simplest form in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. You have access to CertMax+ incorporated with your service agreement with CERTEX, and thus the entire history of your lifting equipment.

Can RFID be retrofitted to your existing lifting products?

Yes, it can. We can retrofit a chip either directly on the product, or through a badge with RFID tag. It's an additional cost to add RFID but is quickly repaid by the time saved by scanning the tag instead of manually registering data.

Is it enough if my tool only has RFID tag but no identification plate?

Lifting equipment without identification plate is not approved for use. If the tool has lost its identification plate but is equipped with a RFID tag and the information is registered in a system, it can be easily identified, and the device can be equipped with a new identification plate.

RFID tags can have different shapes

RFID chips can have different designs and sizes, depending on where they are to be mounted! 
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