We perform load tests in our own test center

In-house load test of lifting equipment

At CERTEX Danmark A/S, we have extensive experience in testing various lifting equipment such as chains, steel wire, lifting beams, lifting fittings, cranes and much more. We perform most load tests in-house in one of our own test centers. We have 3 test benches, the largest of which has a capacity of 1,200 tons.

Our unique testing facilities are used by customers in various industries and the jobs come in from all over Europe. Our large test bench can be adapted to several types of items, which also gives our customers the opportunity to test on their own products and prototypes.

Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Load test - vores testbænk

Test bench 1,200 ton

In our horizontal test bench we are able to carry out pull tests up to 1,200 ton and breaking tests up to 900 ton.
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Water Weights

Water Weights

Load testing of cranes and other structures with very high load weights can be performed onshore and offshore.
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Testtårn 50 t

Test tower 50 ton

Our vertical test tower has a capacity of 50 ton. In the tower we perform load testing of all kinds of equipment.
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Special load test

Special load test

Together with external mobile crane companies, we can carry out load tests of up to 300 ton.
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More about our load test services

See or download a pdf of our brochure to learn more about our load test services.

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You can rent lifting gear with us

With us, you can rent the lifting gear and test equipment you need for your next project.

We make your lifting gear last longer

Although it looks like your chain hoist should be thrown away, it might not be so bad after all...

Load tables

You can print and hang up our free load table posters where they are needed in your company.