Test bench

Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Pull tests up to 1,200 ton and breaking tests up to 900 ton

In our horizontal test bench we are able to carry out pull tests up to 1,200 ton and breaking tests up to 900 ton. The special design of the bench enables us to do pull tests (angle tests) of subjects up to 500 ton and 7 meters wide. All tests are performed in a controlled, safe environment.

We perform tests on:

  • Steel wire rope
  • Fibre slings
  • Anchor chains
  • Lashings
  • Lifting chains
  • Lifting beams
  • Lifting fittings

CERTEX Danmark A/S also has a 150 ton test bench. This bench is designed to test smaller subjects such as DNV GL 2.7-1 offshore wire slings, which we are also certified and authorized to manufacture.

Video documented tests

Our 1,200 ton test bench is equipped with precise sensors that will reveal any elongation. On request all tests can be video filmed for use as documentation with embedded cameras.

Watch our videos below of tests performed in our 1,200 ton test bench. Break load test of 96 mm anchor chain, pulled until it breaks after 54 seconds at 661 ton and load test of 104 mm steel wire rope with peak load at 869 ton. 


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Water Weights

Testing with Water Weights is a flexible method and can be performed both onshore and offshore

50 ton test tower

We perform load testing of all kinds of equipment in our vertical test tower - up to 50 ton

Special load test

Together with external mobile crane companies, we can carry out load tests up to 300 ton