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Effective online management of your lifting equipment

When you have a service agreement on annual statutory inspections of cranes and lifting gear with CERTEX Danmark you will, as part of the inspection, get access to your reports via our online service database CertMax+.

CertMax+ is a secure service database used by CERTEX internationally for registration of survey reports in connection with the annual statutory inspections of lifting equipment. As a user, you can recreate reports and certificates in real time from anywhere, as the system is accessible over the internet - eliminating the need for expensive paper-based systems and preventing potential errors.

How CertMax+ works

  • Your lifting equipment can be equipped with a radio frequency indicator (RFID-chip) or a unique serial number
  • The RFID-chip indentifies each product
  • When the RFID-chip is scanned with an RFID reader, the lifting gear is identified in the databse, and gives you the relevant information on your pc, smartphone or tablet
  • You get online access to inspection reports, test certificates and, if required, information about safe use
  • The information is saved in a central database

What you get with CertMax+

When using CertMax+, you are always ready for the annual audit, by the time it takes you to click "print". All lifting equipment is provided with an individual unique serial number and possibly with an RFID chip so that all service and repair is directly traceable.

With CertMax+ you will get:

  • Online service database
  • Complete overview of your lifiting equipment
  • RFID-tagged lifting equipment
  • Online access to inspection reports, test certificates and safe use information via pc, tablet or smartphone
  • Free when you have a service agreement with us

To access service reports from before March 1, 2019
Log in CertMax+

To access service reports from after March 1, 2019
Log in to our new CertMax+

CertMax - certificates immediately

We offer an online archive system, which allows you to view and print your certificates from a web page with your own login and password. It is both cheap, easy and managable for you. As a customer of CERTEX Danmark A/S you can also see when your lifting equipment must undergo a mandatory inspection and recertification. We look forward to welcoming you in CertMax - just contact our sales department to learn more about your options for being a part of CertMax.

To access product certificates from before January 1, 2020 
Log in CertMax

To access product certificates from after January 1, 2020
Log in to our new CertMax+

Get access to CertMax+

With CertMax+ you can access your certificates and inspection reports online.