Sometimes you just want someone else to make sure that the gear works and, of course, comply with laws and requirements!

We do that - of course!

Our offices and workshops provide service, repair and inspection of lifting equipment, lifting gear and fall protection.
Drop your equipment of at Certex and our staff perform service and inspection of the products.

For those of us who work with lifting, safety is the Alpha and Omega, therefore it is an important part of our sevice concept to make sure that your equipment are in good shape.
When you perform service and inspection at Certex, we also logg all the products in CertMax+, so that you easily can keep track of the status of your lifting equipment, both today and tomorrow!

Our office provides service and inspection of a variety of products on site in our workshops. We have trained personnel for service and inspection in our workshops, which contributes to efficiency, control, and faster service for you.

This also means that you have all the documentation and marks in place and available, so you fulfill the demands of the authorities, laws, regulations and standards.

!Please contact your nearest Certex office to book a time for service or for more information