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Repair and maintenance of lifting equipment

Do you need help making sure that your lifting gear works, so that it can last as long as possible, and of course comply with applicable laws and requirements?

CERTEX Danmark A/S offers workshop service, which means that we provide service, repair, and inspection of lifting equipment, lifting gear, and fall protection. Drop your equipment off at CERTEX and our staff perform service and inspection of it and make sure it is ready for use in no time. We make sure that you have all documentation and marking in place and available, so you fulfill the demands of the authorities, laws, regulations, and standards.

Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Rigging workshop
Rigging workshops

Wire rope slings are produced in our rigging workshops. We also offer many other steel wire services, such as rope pear socketing.

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Sustainable operations making chainslings
Chain workshops

Our chain workshops produce chain slings based on your specific wishes. Lifting slings for our custom-made lifting tools are also manufactured here.

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Hoist inspection
Hoist workshops

In our hoist workshops, we offer service and repair of chain hoists, wire hoists, winches, etc. We also offer complete product refurbishment.

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Sewing room CERTEX Danmark
Sewing room

In our sewing room, textile lifting products such as lifting slings and lashings are sewn. We also repair Heavy-Lift round slings to extend their life.

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Our service workshops

    CERTEX Danmark A/S has workshops in Vojens, Esbjerg, Hvidovre and Nørresundby, where we manage in-house service and repair of lifting equipment from all over the country. We also have several test centers where we can load test equipment where this is required.

    We also offer on-site service and inspection, which is handled by our mobile service team.

    We offer in-house repair and maintenance of:

    • Chain blocks and lever hoists
    • Lifting slings
    • Lifting beams
    • Fall arrest equipment
    • Chain slings
    • Winches
    • Extreema® heavy-lift roundslings

    Our chain workshop in Vojens

    E-mail  Book inspection/repair

    Send us a request regarding service inspection or repair and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Frequently asked questions about workshop service

    CERTEX Danmark A/S has workshops in Vojens, Esbjerg, Hvidovre and Nørresundby where we can carry out repairs. However, some repairs and inspections require special equipment, which may only be available in one of the workshops. That is why it is important that your equipment comes to the right service center. Contact our service coordinator, who will tell you where to send your equipment. The service coordinator also creates a report on your equipment, so that the employees in the service center know what should happen to the equipment when they receive it.

    Yes, in cases where you either only have a small amount of equipment that needs to be inspected, or you have the opportunity to bring the equipment to us yourself. You thereby save freight and the hourly driving time price for a service van.

    Your equipment must be inspected at least once a year by a competent person, and if the equipment can be approved for use again by one of our crane and lifting equipment technicians, we will make sure to mark the equipment as approved and provide you with the necessary documentation.

    When you have your lifting equipment inspected by us, you automatically get free online access to CertMax+ via our website. CertMax+ is the place where we store service reports and product certificates. You will receive your login in an e-mail from our service department when we have carried out the first service inspection for you.

    Yes they are. You can print or download your reports at any time.

    Would you like to know more?

    See or download a pdf of our brochure to learn more about service inspections of cranes and lifting equipment.
    Service inspections of cranes and lifting equipment

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    Time for new lifting equipment?

    On this website you will find our wide range of steel wire ropes, lifting equipment and fall protection.


    After service and inspection at CERTEX, all product information is added in CertMax+, so you can easily keep track of the status of your lifting equipment, both today and tomorrow!