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What are the benefits of grade 10 chains and components? How do I use my chain sling? How do I know if a chain sling should be discarded? We have answered these and many more questions for you in our articles about chain. The information may be useful for you who work with chain or purchase chain for your company. You can also download our free posters lift safely with chain and rejection criteria for chain slings and hang them wherever you need them in your business.

If you need advice and guidance in connection with a specific lifting task or perhaps some help in purchasing the right chain or chain sling, we are happy to help you. Fill out one of our contact forms to send a message to our team or call us on tel: +45 7454 1434.

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Benefits of grade 10

Why can it be an advantage to choose grade 10 chains and components? Find out more about the significance of the classification.
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Lift safely with chain

With this poster you get a good overview and knowledge about lifting angles, bending radius, sharp edges and fastening of hooks.
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Good to know about chain slings

Here you will find information about safe load handling, load symmetry, multi-leg chain slings, WLL and much more.
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Rejection criteria for chain slings

Learn more about inspection and repair of chain slings as well as information on safe use and when a chain sling should no longer be used.
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Calculation of chain slings

Find the formulas for use when calculating your chain slings, read about corner radius and length tolerances in chain slings
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In-house chain production

In our chain workshop, we produce chain slings as well as carry out repairs and service inspections

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