With us you can rent lifting equipment for your next project

Renting lifting equipment is a growing trend

Rental enables you to have temporary access to a complete set-up of lifting tools, convenient for project-based operations. We know it is crucial to have the right lifting equipment ready for use and adapted to the different phases of projects.

Order the rental equipment you need or let us help guide you. Based on your needs and specifications we pack a container and make sure it is on site in time with all equipment in ready-to-use condition.

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Benefits of renting lifting equipment

The increased demand and interest in renting lifting equipment can be attributed to various factors, from economic and sustainable considerations to safety benefits.

These factors are accompanied by the increased flexibility that our customers experience when choosing to rent equipment instead of buying it. Being not bound by ownership allows you to adapt to changing needs and conditions quickly.

Economically, renting lifting equipment can be a more cost-effective solution for projects, occasional testing or lifting tasks, as it relieves you from the significant initial investments associated with buying new equipment.

Additionally, one avoids ongoing maintenance costs, as the lessor is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is in good condition and ready for use. Furthermore, one is free from storing equipment that one rarely needs.

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"We started our rental business almost 20 years ago and the trend has only grown in the past years, and so has our rental product range. Today, companies focus a lot on cost-effective, flexible and more sustainable solutions like this."

Philip Jepsen
Rental Manager at CERTEX Danmark A/S

You decide the time and place
You decide the time and place

The equipment is delivered to you at the requested location when you need it.

You have no maintenance

We are responsible for service, repairs and maintenance of the equipment.

Investment icon
You do not have to invest

You do not have to invest in equipment that is only used once or a few times.

You get certified equipment
You get certified equipment

Our equipment is certified and complies with all legal requirements.

You avoid storage
You avoid storage

When you rent equipment, you also avoid spending resources on storage.

You choose a sustainable solution
A more sustainable solution

You help reusing equipment. Rented gear is used more than individually owned gear.

Test and lifting equipment on rental

Wide selection of lifting equipment and machines for hire

Our range of rental equipment

We have a wide standard range of rental equipment ready. In our assortment you find items such as chain hoists, winches, spooling machines, jacks, dynamometers, lifting yokes, water bags, lifting magnets and much more. If you have special requirements that is not part of our standard range, we will do our best to solve that as well.
Our rental equipment is of course tested and checked in accordance with existing regulations and includes certificate.

Lifting clamps

Load cells





Air hoists


Lifting magnets

Air winches

Lifting beams

Water bags

Man riding basket

Forklift jib

Master links




Cargo skates

Gantry crane

Spooling machine

Tensioning machine

Lubrication device

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Check out our rental catalogue

You can find the entire product range in our rental catalogue. See or download the catalogue for more information.
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We perform load tests in our own test center

We have extensive experience in testing various lifting equipment such as chains, steel wire, lifting beams, lifting fittings, cranes and much more.

We are specialized in designing lifting equipment

Our in-house engineering department has extensive experience in developing customized solutions.