On-call duty for workshop / spare parts / mobile technicians:

We are ready to help our customers 365 days a year and can be called 24 hours a day on tel.: +45 73 20 21 00
During normal working hours, the call will be handled by our reception.

On-call mobile technicians

Are in addition to normal working hours Monday to Thursday at 07:00-15:00, Friday 07:00-13:00 and weekends and holidays, etc.
Mobile technicians callout costs a callout surcharge of 1950.00 DKK excl. VAT, as well as traveltime and technician working hours at an overtime rate of 962.00 DKK excl. VAT.

On-call workshop

Is in addition to the normal working hours Monday to Thursday at. 07:00-15:15, Friday 07:00-14:45 and weekends and holidays, etc.
Workshop and spare parts calls are invoiced for a minimum of 4 hours at the following rates (note, during production, two employers are working):

837,00 DKK/hour excl. VAT:
Mon-Thurs: 15.15-18.00
Fri: 14.45-18.00
Sat: 06.00-18.00

962,00 DKK/hour excl. VAT:
Mon-Fri: 18.00-06.00
Sat: 18.00-06.00
Sun: 06.00-06.00