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Cargo skates

Cargo skates are used for moving loads across an even surface/floor, often together with other lifting tools such as jacks.

Our cargo skates are equipped with either steel wheels, which are particularly suitable for concrete floors and similar surfaces, or nylon wheels, which are best suited for use on smoother and cleaner surfaces.

The Vaks 2500 modules can be coupled together, which increases the capacity.

You can combine the cargo skates into sets, where you choose a cargo skate with a steering bar and one (or more) cargo skate(s) only with wheels. These can be connected with a steel pipe, which ensures stable and parallel driving.

You can e.g. put your set together as follows:

1 Vaks 3000R with 2 pcs. Vaks 3000
1 Vaks 6000R with 2 pcs. Vaks 6000
1 Vaks 12000R with 2 pcs. Vaks 12000

Pay attention to these things when using your cargo skates

Always ensure that the driving surface is swept clean of loose objects.
Observe the specified load limits

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