Hoist workshops – inspection and maintenance

Service and repair of hoists and winches

At CERTEX Danmark A/S we have several workshop departments and in our hoist workshops you will find specialists in various types of hoists such as wire hoists, chain hoists, electric chain hoists and air winches. In the hoist workshops, we carry out statutory service inspections in-house, where the customers send their equipment to us instead of us coming out to their location. This in-house service is preferred by several customers in the offshore, wind and marine sectors, among others. We also do repairs and replacement of damaged parts. This could, for example, be repair of radio controls or a new chain or wire in the hoist.

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Service inspection

Statutory inspection, test and marking


Repair and exchange of spare parts


Maintain and refurbish lifting equipment

Our hoist workshops

The hoist is an important lifting tool that is used for many types of lifting jobs where components and materials must be lifted and moved. To maintain a high level of safety, best possible performance and durability, regular inspection and maintenance of the product is important. In this way, the lifetime of the hoist can be extended, and you will not have to invest in a new one when it is not necessary.

In our hoist workshops, we carry out service and repair on:

  • Air hoists
  • Chain hoists
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Lever hoists
  • Wire hoists
  • Air winches
  • Fall arrest blocks
  • Trolleys

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Hoist inspection

Repair or discard?

Many of the hoists, winches or blocks that come to us have been in use in harsh environments, such as offshore, and thus they may look damaged they can at the same time be functional. It is therefore important that a competent person inspects, tests, and evaluates the equipment before it is put back into use. It is both a shame and expensive to discard good lifting equipment. We therefore help you with:

Service inspection
We offer statutory inspections carried out by a competent person. Among other things, functional tests and load tests are carried out here, and the equipment is marked again upon approval.

We thoroughly inspect the equipment, and we offer repair and replacement of damaged parts so that the equipment can be approved and put into use again.

Some lifting equipment needs complete refurbishment before it can be used again. This can e.g. include new parts, sandblasting and painting.

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Old Liftket hoist

Luftspil før eftersyn og restaurering | © CERTEX Danmark A/S

Winches before inspection and refurbishment

Luftspil efter eftersyn og restaurering | © CERTEX Danmark A/S

Winches after inspection and refurbishment

Luftspil efter eftersyn og restaurering | © CERTEX Danmark A/S

Winches after inspection and refurbishment

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Rigging workshop and steel wire production

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Chain workshop and chain sling production

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We manufacture textile lifting products

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