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 - When it comes to ropes for use in water

we offer ropes from one of the world's leading manufacturers in this field, which is HAMPIDJAN.

Their DYNICE products are excellent for use in e.g.:

  • Extreme deep-sea lowering
  • Lifting in water
  • Towing trawls in the fishery

Several of the DYNICE ropes are made of Dyneema®, which is the world's strongest man-made fiber. This means a significant reduction in the rope's weight on deck. For comparison, a 56 mm steel wire rope with a WLL of 38 tons will have a weight on deck of 41 tons, while a corresponding 56 mm DYNICE Deep-sea rope with the same WLL will only have a weight on deck of 6 tons. In other words, a considerable weight saving, which makes it a lot easier to handle the rope.


HAMPIDJAN is an old Icelandic rope- and fishing net manufacturer, which was founded back in 1934 in Reykjavik by 14 local people. It has the ISO 14001 certification. The brand is known all over the world, with 28 companies in the HAMPIDJAN Group.

Contact us if you need help when buying your next rope!

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