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Gantry cranes on rubber wheels

At CERTEX Danmark A/S we offer a wide range of robust and user-friendly automotive gantry cranes on rubber wheels. The cranes are manoeuvrable and easy to maintain. Automotive gantry cranes are very useful and suitable for handling and transporting concrete beams and other cast concrete elements, wind turbine nacelles, stone elements and other special applications according to your needs as a customer.

Automotive Gantry Cranes up to WLL 550 ton

  • Structure with articulated junction
  • Automatic steering alignment
  • Robust steering proportional to the rotation radius
  • Easy to dismantle, bolted structure
  • Hydraulic tubes in stainless steel
  • Displacing trolley with load limiter with weight summation
  • Structure with articulated junction
  • Soundproof propelling group
  • Safety and protection
  • Transmitter and receiver for radio communication

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Automotive Marine Gantry Cranes

The CERTEX-GH marine gantry cranes are designed and built especially for marine maintenance work.

Gantry and semi Gantry Cranes

Gantry and semi gantry cranes - up to WLL 400 ton. Can be adjusted to match your requirements.