Transmitter IK2

Danfoss remote control compact console box with range limiter and non slip handles.
Design: Main mechanisms: Joystick (2) and paddle (4). Auxiliary mechanisms: Pushbutton, toggle and rotary switches. Belt/shoulder strap. External removable EEPROM SIM module. Display 128x64 Graphic LCD.
Transmitter: Is supplied with BT11K batteries, which have a battery life of 16 hours.
Ingress protection: IP65/NEMA4.
Anti condensation system: Goretex film.
Frequency band: Multiband (400 - 930 MHz).
Cable connection: M12 connector.
Associated receiver: R13B.
Weight incl. batteries: 0,95 kg.

  • Temperature range: -20ºC up to +70ºC.


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