Goliath Lifting Loop 40.8

Goliath lifting loop with forged head for lifting and transporting.
The head must be screwed on tightly.
Every loop within the Schroeder lifting socket system carries a tag showing the manufacturer, thread and load group, ensuring correct identification.

The tags for identifying
- means of lifting (lifting loops) and
- lifting sockets
as well as the nailing plates have the same colour for each thread size.

The requirements of the “Safety rules for lifting sockets and systems for precast concrete elements” plus the instructions for installation and use must be complied with.

This product complies with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Marking: According to standard, Manufacturer ID, thread and load group
  • Standard: CEN/TR 15728 - VDI/BV-BS 6205
  • Safety factor: 4:1

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