Lifting Eye TP-S

The eyes can be loaded with working load limit in all directions. All the eyes are pivoted to avoid breakage in the eyes, which also make it possible to fold it aside when it is not in use. Furthermore it has a ball beared swivel which makes the lifting eye to always stand in the correct direction to the load.

The advantages:

  • Marks on the swivel give a clear indication of inclination angels.
  • Additional ball bearing system allows for smooth swiveling under load.
  • Crimpfeature on the link prevents the link from kinking.
  • Both internal and external surfaces are protected against corrosion by a tough galvanized coating.
  • Improved swivel to surface contact is due to special machining.
  • Ball bearing wear can be visually recognized by the gap on the wear ring without measuring instruments.
  • Secured four times against breakage in all load directions.

All welding has to be done by competent welder.

  • Material: Eye and swivel of alloy steel
  • Marking: WLL.
  • Finish: Painted.
  • Note: The surface that the lifting eyes shall be attatched to shall be flat and tolerate the load it is going to be exposed to.
  • Safety factor: 4:1

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