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For nearly 135 years, CERTEX has delivered lifting equipment, fall protection equipment and steel wire ropes to the steel industry. Today we are one of the leading suppliers and we are present in more than 40 locations around Europe.

Regardless if you demand crane ropes, wire rope or inspection of lifting equipment, CERTEX's staff has the skills required to give your company the best solution based on your specific needs. We have been supplying lifting solutions to the steel industry for nearly 135 years, which has given us good knowledge and experience of the products that are best suited for the demanding environment the steel industry operates.

Product range

CERTEX offers a wide range of steel ropes and lifting equipment adapted for the steel industry.
Search in our full product range, if you are missing something or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service range

CERTEX offers the steel industry services such as inspection, training, customization and maintenance.

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