General: Sling designed especially for heavy on- and offshore lifting, subsea installation, mooring, tethering or project-specific lifting.
Materials: Aramid, HMPE LCP or blends.

Cordura® cut resistant cover, and special design wear protection in critical areas.
1 to >2000 Te MBL.
0,8 to 150 m.
Length tolerance: ±0, 15% of nominal length.
Certifications: DNV, CEN and ILO.

- Lightweight and flexible
- Safe and easy to handle
- No damage to painted surfaces
- Durable construction
- Heat resistant and non conductive
- Available with fluorescent jacket for subsea applications
- Design optimization through material selection

  • Rope construction: Parallel laid endless filaments.
Selantic sling
Part Code CAD
XXX = last 3 digits in article number indicates the effective working length in m. (EWL). Example XXX (020) = 2 m.

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