Ingersoll Rand Liftstar Man Rider

MR150 Man Rider® Winch

Designed for Performance in Any Environment

Sizes: 150 kg (330 lb)

Safety factor:

  • Main air emergency stop protects personnel in case of emergency
  • Internal upper and lower limit switches prevents raising or lowering past set limits
  • Overload protection senses when tension exceeds capacity and prevents operation
  • Lift-to-shift variable speed lever provides precise control and built-in safety

Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider® winches are specifically designed to minimize the risks of lifting people. They meet or exceed strict safe-lifting standards and include features like emergency lowering, slack line prevention and redundant braking systems to help ensure the safety of workers. Ingersoll Rand pioneered the development of Man Rider winches and has provided thousands of them to drilling companies around the world in the most extreme environments. This experience is built into every Man Rider winch we sell. Trust Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider winches to help you protect your most important asset, your people.


  • Standard stainless steel drum guard provides outstanding corrosion resistance and adjusts for multiple takeoff angles
  • Marine grade paint on carbo-zinc blasted steel provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Steel Guards protect critical components mounted on the winch


High quality manufacturing in ISO 9001 level advanced facilities

  • Material: All steel and stainless steel construction for long life Stainless steel braided and PTFE hoses provide superior corrosion resistance


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