General: This type of lifting beam is designed as a folding crossbeam. The lifting beam is designed with one pullout per arm allowing the attachment points to be adjusted in the length/width. A 4-part sling must be used between the lifting beam and the crane hook. Other lengths and working loads can be manufactured upon request.
Design: Lightweight welded beam construction providing good torsional stiffness.
Proof load: Usually 1,5 x WLL.

  • Material: Beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Working load limit (WLL), CE marking, manufacturer, serial number, year of manufacturing, etc.
  • Finish: Yellow painted. Other treatments available on request.
  • Note: Top sling, separate slings and other accessories to be ordered separately.
Single pull-out
Part Code WLL
Type Beam length - L1 Min.
Beam length - L1 Max.
L 1 max. (mm) Weight
13.4065-02503400 2.5 Duplex 2.5 3.6 4.8 3,390 159
13.4065-06003400 6 Duplex 6 3.6 4.8 3,420 199
13.4065-10003400 10 Duplex 10 3.7 4.9 3,465 279
13.4065-20003400 20 Duplex 20 3.7 4.9 3,485 492
The WLL stated in the table is based on a maximum top swing angle og 90°.

Download CAD

Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below. Click "Get CAD" and after the load reaches 100% you can click on the download icon to download it. Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out.