General: Our range of lightweight portable gantries brings a new dimension to the professional lifting market. The portability, safe manual assembly and rigidity of the structure mean that it opens up a whole new market for the use of gantries with lifting applications such as confined space, rooftop, HVAC, lift-shaft, waste water, clean environments (food, hospitals etc.) and increasing availability from the hire industry.
Design: The gantry crane consists of four individual elements that can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. The height is adjustable so that the crane can also be placed in rooms with low ceilings.
Areas of applications:
- Moving and lifting of heavy loads.
- Building motors and driving applications in and out.
- Repair and maintenance of pumps.
- Loading trucks and trailers on and off.
- For use in workshops and on site.

  • Note: Can be delivered with capacity up to 3 tons, as well as custom-made solutions.
Foldeable Gantry Cranes dimensions pic
Part Code WLL
Model A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) L (mm) W (mm) X (mm) Weight
13.10111001 1.5 Mini 240 1,185 370 320 1180-2100 220 4,233 2000-4000 600 96
13.10112001 1.5 Standard 240 1,705 370 320 1680-3000 220 4,233 2000-4000 1,000 111
13.10113001 1.5 Maxi 240 2,285 370 320 2230-4000 220 4,233 2000-4000 1,450 127

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