CERTEX Barrel Lifter


The drum lifter is very easy to handle.
You can use it almost everywhere because of the total weight of 4 kgs.; in store rooms, in service cars, trucks, ships, etc.

It works like this: The drum lifter puts a pressure on the edge of a drum i.e. the higher weight of the drum, the more pressure.

The drum lifter can also be adjusted depending on which type of drum you are working with. It can lift drums with a small or a big edge and it can also be used for drums with clamping lock on the cover.

The low height of the drum lifter makes it very suitable for storehouses with a low floor-to-ceiling height. It is also possible to stack the drums e.g. in connection with lack of room.
With the drum lifter it is possible to take out one single drum even if they are placed close to each other and it only requires 50 mm of space on each side of the drums.

If the drum lifter is not in use, it can be folded and does not take up much space (approx. 500 x 200 x 75 mm).
The drum lifter is delivered galvanized and tested.

  • Note: For lifting with fork-lift truck (65x165 mm)


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