Coil Hook Type CH


This type of coil hook is designed for lifting and handling of steel coils or other heavy materials. The suspension eye is placed at the centre of gravity meaning that the coil hook will always be in balance with or without load. If used correctly the coil hook will never tilt forward therefor eliminating the risk of unintended loss of the coil.
Coil hooks type CH are available in various sizes with a permissible load range from 5.000 kg to 30.000 kg.
Design: Lightweight welded beam construction providing good torsional stiffness.
Proof load: Usually 1,5 x WLL.

  • Material: Beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Working load limit (WLL), CE marking, manufacturer, serial number, year of manufacturing, etc.
  • Finish: Yellow painted. Other treatments available on request.


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