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Denmark's strongest crane program

Good to know about CERTEX and GH Cranes

CERTEX Danmark has established a strategic collaboration with GH Cranes, the world’s third largest manufacturer of overhead- and gantry cranes. GH Cranes is known for using state of the art technology, advanced production facilities, highly committed people and their focus on quality, customer service and innovation.

Together we have more than 190 years of experience and we are able to deliver solutions of the highest quality. CERTEX-GH offers Denmark’s strongest crane program.

About CERTEX Danmark A/S

  • Part of Lifting Solutions Group - Europe's leading lifting equipment specialist
  • More than 130 years of experience in lifting equipment
  • Supplier of total solutions both above and below the crane hook
  • Collaborates with the leading European suppliers and manufacturers of cranes and lifting gear
  • Member of Kranbranchen (the industry association for Danish crane manufacturers and companies that advise on lifting gear)
  • Your consulting partner - from idea to finished product

About GH Cranes

  • 3rd largest crane supplier in the world
  • 60 years of experience in cranes
  • More than 115,000 cranes sold
  • Supplier of both standard and custom-made crane solutions
  • Own production of most components
  • Delivers cranes in 60 countries
  • Has 10 production sites in 7 countries
  • Delivers products and solutions of the highest quality
CERTEX-GH crane solutions for Confac

The concrete company Confac faced challenges regarding delivery times and bottlenecks in production, and therefore decided to expand the factory, thereby doubling capacity. In the video below you can see CERTEX-GH overhead cranes, gantry cranes and transfer carts.

Cranes with up to 25% greater productivity

CERTEX-GH cranes have up to 25% greater productivity.


  • CERTEX-GH cranes have frequency converter built-in as standard on all movements
  • CERTEX-GH cranes have implemented advanced technology
  • CERTEX-GH cranes include innovative solutions, i.a. to improve precision and safety

Find out more about the many advantages of choosing a CERTEX-GH crane - watch our film below or visit our YouTube channel.

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Statutory crane service

We carry out inspections of lifting equipment and statutory crane service on all types of cranes.

Steel wire ropes and lifting equipment

CERTEX Danmark offers a wide range of steel wire ropes and other lifting equipment for the crane industry.