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Europe´s leading lifting equipment specialist

Based on 130 years of experience CERTEX Danmark A/S has comprehensive skills and KnowHow in steel wire rope, lifting applications and related services. We are your safe and reliable partner and we supply and support industrial companies, construction, ports, offshore (oil & gas), maritime industry, transportation, wind and other renewable energy industries. With more than 100 offices and warehouses in 20 countries, we cover all of Europe.

In Denmark, we have five locations across the country to ensure our customers the best possible service and fastest delivery. Our headquarter is located in Vojens close to the motorway and our Esbjerg Habour location brings us close to our offshore and maritime customers. In order to offer a comprehensive service in Denmark, we have sales offices in Vojens, Esbjerg, Hvidovre and Nørresundby - together with the largest mobile service fleet in Denmark. In August 2021 we also opened an innovation center in Middelfart, where our engineers are now sitting and designing lifting tools.

The right people, skills and equipment


  • Solution- and action oriented - always with a customer focus
  • Highly committed problem solvers, reliable and trustworthy
  • Well educated and trained


  • Niche expertise and Lifting KnowHow
  • Focused on safety- and quality management
  • More than 130 years of experience


  • Latest, high quality products with the best availability
  • Broad global sourcing from leading brands and manufacturers
  • One-stop-shop - products and customized lifting gear


  • On-site installation, maintenance and inspection
  • In-house testing facilities and service workshops
  • Technical department - large engineering team
  • Service and repair

Industries, products and services

Safe and reliable lifting equipment is the key to avoid accidents during any lifting operation. CERTEX Danmark A/S is your partner and supplier and we set the standard for product quality, safety and customer service. Below you will find an overview of the industries we serve, our product range and the services we provide.

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