Lifting KnowHow - CERTEX Danmark A/S

Solutions for securing cargo in motion

CERTEX Danmark has many years of experience supplying lifting equipment and services suitable for the transportation industry. We offer a large selection of products and solutions for securing cargo in motion, so you don't have to worry about safety or your cargo during transportation.

Lifting equipment and services for the transportation industry

  • Wide range of steel wire ropes
  • Lifting equipment
  • Textile lashing and lashing chains
  • Load binders and tow slings
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Technical support

Wide range of lashings

CERTEX Danmark offers solutions for secure transport of loads. Find what you need online.

Anti-slip mats for securing loads

For securing of loads during truck transport, we offer anti-slip mats from Kraitec.