Brilube 30
A semi-dry film lubricant with excellent penetration and corrosion properties.

Brilube 40
Synthetic lubricant which deposits a slip-resistant film on the wire surfaces.

Brilube 50
Oil based lubricant with additives to increase adherence and enhance corrosion protection.

Brilube 60
Gel lubricant with excellent corrosion protection and stable properties over a wide temperature range.

Brilube 70
Gel lubricant with stable properties over a wide temperature range and excellent corrosion protection against marine working conditions.

Brilube 90
Biodegradable gel lubricant developed by BRIDON to meet the needs of wire rope working in highly aggressive conditions and the demand for environmental acceptability.

Part Code Type Volumen CAD
10.50LUBE30 Brilube 30 400 ml
10.50LUBE32 Brilube 30 5 ltr
10.50LUBE33 Brilube 30 20 ltr
10.50LUBE43 Brilube 40 20 ltr
10.50LUBE53 Brilube 50 25 ltr
10.50LUBE62 Brilube 60 12.5 kg
10.50LUBE63 Brilube 60 50 kg
10.50LUBE64 Brilube 60 180 kg
10.50LUBE72 Brilube 70 12.5kg
10.50LUBE73 Brilube 70 50 kg
10.50LUBE74 Brilube 70 180 kg
10.50LUBE92 Brilube 90 12.5kg
10.50LUBE93 Brilube 90 50 kg
10.50LUBE94 Brilube 90 180 kg

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