General: Safety is a key feature of the GKS-PERFEKT toe jack. Manufactured to a high safety margin, it includes a release valve that allows loads to be lowered precisely and carefully, plus a safety valve for overload protection. Additionally, the toe jack is built with our well proven, one-piece, height-adjustable safety toe. 

Part Code WLL
Type Stroke (mm) Loading height min.-max. (mm) Loading height - top plate (mm) No. of lifting positions Working pressure (bar) base area I x w x h (mm) Weight
16.35GKSV5 5 V5 140 15 - 136 252 3 520 266x252x212 21
16.35GKSV10 10 V10 160 20 - 170 310 4 520 339x240x310 32
16.35GKSV15 15 V15 160 25 - 175 318 4 520 353x304x318 53
16.35GKSV20 20 V20 160 25 - 160 325 3 520 425x325x325 72

Download CAD

Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below. Click "Get CAD" and after the load reaches 100% you can click on the download icon to download it. Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out.