General: Cambuckle lashing is a versitile strap with a hefty buckle cast in zinc. Sold separately or in a display box containing 32 pcs. in 4 different lengths and colours: 8 pcs. of each (1m red, 2m orange, 3m blue and 5m black).
Strap width: 25 mm.
Breaking force: 250 kg.

Part Code Code Length
Colour CAD
14.01130310060 Display box
14.01130310062 MINI-1 1 red
14.01130310066 MINI-2 2 orange
14.01130310070 MINI-3 3 blue
14.01130310073 MINI-4 4 green
14.01130310075 MINI-5 5 black
Display box includes 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m lashings, each 8 pcs.
Other length, breaking loads and colors on request.

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