General: Ropes of polypropylen.

Design: The meshes is manufactured by rope with the diameter 1 alt. 3 mm, 8 mm rope will be used to the frame. The net is provided with attachment eyes in each corner.

  • Material: Polypropylen, resistant to rot and most acids and alkalies. The fibre does not absorb water and is UV-stabilized against sunlight. As a result of the low specific gravity of polypropylen the
Part Code Length (m) Size of mesh mm Width (m) Rope dia (mm) CAD
14.20DK6012001 5 45 3 3
14.20DK6012002 7 45 3 3
14.20DK6012003 5 45 3,5 3
14.20DK6012004 7 45 3,5 3
Other sizes and dimensions on request.

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