General: Anti-slip mat for extremely heavy loads.
KRAITEC® secure is the anti-slip mat for heavy loads. The combination of an exceptionally high surface load capacity (max. 500 t/m2 *) and an excellent kinetic friction coefficient (μ = 0.80) makes this product the first choice when it comes to securing extremely heavy loads.
Highest permissible surface pressure.
Special feature registered colour coding system (black with blue and white granuleate particles).

Sizes: L (on request) x W 1.250, 1.500 mm.
Thickness: 8 mm, 10 mm.
Max. permissible surface load: (at max. 30% compression) approx. 500 t/m2 at 8, 10 mm thickness.
Kinetic friction coefficient μ 0.80 at 8, 10 mm thickness.
Elongation at break: At least 80% (DIN EN ISO 1798).
  • Material: PU-bounded recycling rubber granules.

Download CAD

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