General: Hand rope winch with transmission gear box for heavy loads, safety crank with folding handle, wall mounting.
- Robust and safe.
- Higher efficiency.
- Self-locking, blow-back proof safety crank with folding handle.
- Load reaction brake.
- Maintenance free bearings.
- Corrosion resistant.
- Finish: painted.
- Easy, space saving installation.
- In compliance with the German Safety Regulations for Lifting and Pulling Equipment DGUV 54 (earlier BGV D 8).

  • Note: Excl. wire (to be ordered separately).
220.2 streg
Part Code Code Crank force N Rope cap. m Weight without rope (kg) Cap. 1st rope position (kg) Lift/crank turn 1st rope position (mm) Cap. 2nd rope position (kg) Wire rope necessary* Ø (mm) CAD
16.27200051 220.2 320 8 23 2,000 16 1.7 12
*Recommended wire rope diameter. Safety factor 3:1
1st layer = inner layer
2nd layer = outer layer

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