Checklist when working with fall protection

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What to remember before you start working with personal fall protection

Working at great heights requires both the right equipment and the right handling from you as a user. It is also important that you and your colleagues have the competence to work at height.

Before you start your work, it is therefore important that you have an overview of your equipment and your surroundings.

Review the checklist below before each job so you can feel confident in your workplace.

Risk analysis has been prepared

The risk analysis must include an assessment of the possible risks that may arise during the work. Read more about rules and risk analysis, and what is important to consider for current risks.

Rescue plan available

In the event of an accident, it is important that rescue can take place quickly. Therefore, a rescue plan must be prepared and stored with those who are to carry out the work, even before the work starts.

The right equipment for the right operation

It is important that you choose equipment based on your needs, your work environment, and the work you need to perform. The equipment must also comply with current regulations and be combined according to these. Read more about personal fall protection and different types of fall protection systems.

Proper training

Working in a fall risk environment is, without the right knowledge and experience, both demanding and risky. Therefore, make sure that you have the training you need to feel comfortable in your work.

Inspected equipment

Your equipment must be visually inspected before and after work begins, but also undergo an annual inspection by a qualified person. Contact us and we will help you! Read more about inspection of fall protection equipment.


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