General: The shock-absorbing lanyard with its stretchable design offers greater manoeurability and safety. The manyard is hooked to the harness when not in use.
Specially-woven shock-absorbing inner core smoothly expands to reduce fall arrest forces. Heavy-duty tubular outer jacket serves as a back-up web lanyard.

  • Marking: According to standard, Manufacturer, product, size/length, date of manufacture, reference and serial number and CE marking.
  • Standard: EN 355
Part Code Code Size Length
connection CAD
19.041005317 ME82-15 ME82-15 1,5 Carabiner/Carabiner
19.041005318 ME82-20 ME82-20 2 Carabiner/Carabiner
19.041005326 ME83-15 ME83-15 1,5 Carabiner/Locking snap hook
19.041005327 ME83-20 ME83-20 2 Carabiner/Locking snap hook
19.041005324 ME86-15 ME86-15 1,5 Carabiner/Scaffold hook
19.041005325 ME86-20 ME86-20 2 Carabiner/Scaffold hook

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