General: Lifting beam for handling standard 20-ft and 40-ft containers. Supplied complete with wire rope slings or chain slings and Type CH or MK5 container hooks for attachment to container bottom fixings.
Design: Type A is a transverse beam with a low lifting height designed for lifting by the bottom fixings (as shown). Type B (not shown) is a transverse beam in the form of a spreader. This requires a greater lifting height but offers superior balance and lighter weight.
Proof: 1.5 x WLL.
Type A Transverse beam
Type B Transverse beam - spreader (not shown).

  • Material: Hollow-beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Maximum load and CE mark.
  • Finish: Painted (yellow).
  • Note: Manufactured in accordance with the Swedish and international standard SS-ISO 3874, which states that a lifting beam is required when handling loaded standard containers larger than 10 ft in
Part Code Code WLL
Type For container size (ft) A
B (mm) H (mm) K
L (mm) Weight
13.35xxxxx 6692A-250 25 1C-1CC 20 350 160 680 3,700 2,500 550
13.35xxxxx 6694A-360 36 1A-1AAA 40 500 220 880 6,100 2,500 800

We also manufactor lifting beams for 30 foot standard container, other loads and special containers.

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