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VETTER Krantechnik

About VETTER Krantechnik

The company was founded in 1889 by blacksmith Arnold Vetter. He invented among many things the tipping wagon, and the development of new products still characterize the company. They have their own engineers and technicians who constantly develop and design cranes. Their production of jib cranes takes place in Haiger, Germany.

VETTER Jib Cranes

The jib cranes are available for both indoor and outdoor use, and some types handle the most tough and difficult environments.
We offer three types of VETTER jib cranes:

  • Column mounted jib cranes with a capacity range from 30 kg and up to 63 tons, and infinite slewing by 360°.
  • Wall mounted jib cranes are available as standard with a capacity range from 30 kg and up to 10 tons, and slewing by 180°.
  • Mobile column mounted jib crane with a capacity of up to 1 ton, with infinite slewing by 360° (270° with light jib arm or with bracing)

All jib cranes can be customized to suit special needs. Contact our crane department for help finding the best jib crane solution for your needs.

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