Jørgen has experienced a bit of everything through his job here at CERTEX Danmark A/S such as descent from 50 meters height wearing fall protection as well as testing a wire rope zipline.


Meet our Procurement Manager Jørgen Bjerregaard

Mød Jørgen BjerregaardWhen Jørgen explains that he is a Procurement Manager (head of our purchasing department), most people would think that his days are spent sitting behind a computer screen, but this is not always the case. In addition to working from several of our locations in Denmark, Jørgen also travels around Europe and participates in supplier meetings, exhibitions as well as internal forums in our Lifting Solutions Group.

Jørgen is responsible for purchasing lifting products, product quality and corporation with our suppliers, which also include auditing. “An important part of my job is sourcing new and existing products, maintaining a close dialog with our strategic suppliers and partners as well as handling deviations on products, deliveries etc.” Jørgen is also part of the product development of our own private label POWERTEX which is a product line that includes lifting equipment, lashing equipment and personal fall protection at competitive prices.

“What I like most about my job is that it is incredible versatile and none of my days are alike. I like the unpredictable and that I rarely know exactly what my day will bring.”

When the opportunity arises to see and try out our products, Jørgen does not hold back, even if it means wearing fall protection on a skyscraper in Shanghai. “I would say I like to push boundaries and challenge myself.” In addition, Jørgen has experienced descent from a 50 m high test tower in the Netherlands, tested a zipline made of steel wire rope in Haderslev as lifting of an aircraft in Germany.

Jørgen has been employed by CERTEX Danmark A/S more than 30 years of two periods. First 10 years and now just over 20 years. Jørgen started as a trainee in our sales department in 1986 after completing a Higher Business Exam (HX/HHX), back then, the company was called Vojens Tovværk. Jørgen worked in our sales department for many years, but over the time he has also been responsible for products, product development and marketing.

Today, Jørgen is Head of Procurement and part of the management team. Jørgen is responsible for our purchase department and a team of 4 purchasers. “I have a great team, and really good colleagues here at CERTEX Danmark A/S.” Jørgen also describes CERTEX Danmark A/S as both challenging and developing and continues “It is a good company to work for and with, and I like the spirit and cooperation between colleagues. There are certainly also opportunities for self-development and trying new things”.

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