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Lifting equipment for the entertainment industry

CERTEX Danmark A/S has extensive experience in supplying lifting equipment and steel wire rope to the entertainment industry. Our products are used in several of the country's biggest theatres, opera houses and scenes. Our products are not only well known in Denmark but also in the rest of Europe. We have also been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Blackline - lift and suspension for stage and theatre

To meet the needs of the entertainment industry, we have developed a unique series called Blackline. The main characteristics of Blackline is that all products are made in a matte black version, making them as invisible as possible. These black products are specially made for use in theatres and showbusiness for ex. stage construction and suspension of sound and light and they give no glare.

Our Blackline range includes:

  • Roundsling
  • Steel wire ropes
  • Shackles
  • Trolleys
  • Chain blocks
  • Lifting chains
  • Chainbags
  • Hand rope winches
  • Wire rope clips
  • Height safety devices
  • Beam clamps


Black steel wire ropes

The Blackline steel wire ropes are available in dimensions from 3 mm up to 8 mm in various designs. All of these wire ropes have steel cores and are coloured black to avoid reflection. Our steel wire ropes are carefully tested to maintain the highest quality.

Blackline lifting products

See our range of matte black lifting products for use in the theater and entertainment industry.

Contact us about Blackline products

If you need something or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our Blackline products.