Rigging, repair, load tests and wire ropes

We have a unique knowhow and many years of experience serving the oil and gas industry - delivering lifting products and solutions. We consult and provide solutions to even our customers most complex lifting challenges.

Our products and services for the oil and gas industry:

  • Spooling and installation of steel wire rope
  • All kinds of load tests
  • Lifting tools/equipment on rental
  • Anchor handling equipment
  • Supply of special wire rope, lifting products and material handling equipment
  • All kinds of rigging jobs on site, onshore and offshore
  • Repair, maintenance, test, inspection and certification of lifting equipment
  • NDT level 3 certification
  • DNV chain- and wireslings: We are certified and authorised to manufacture DNV 2.7.1 wireslings. The agreement is applicable to lifting sets for offshore containers with type designation. All types of wire slings are possible: 1-, 2-, 3- & 4 part lifting sets with or without forerunner.