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Sewing and repairs of textile lifting products

At CERTEX Danmark A/S we have our own sewing department, where we manufacture customer-specific lifting products in various textile materials. Here we can sew both by hand and using powerful industrial sewing machines, depending on the nature of the task. Repair of large round slings will e.g., be completed by hand, as this process requires a very special sewing technique, in which our employees are specially trained.

If you need a special lifting tool in textile material, our Solution Center can help design and develop the product and produce drawings for our sewing room.

In the workroom we offer:

  • Repairs of textile lifting products
  • Custom-made textile lifting products
  • Custom-made lifting products in Kevlar
  • Custom-made textile slings
  • Custom-made lashings

Videos from our sewing department

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Do you need a special lifting product?

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