KARAT® WINCHline 6-Strand

KARAT® WINCHline combines the unique characteristics of the high strength KARAT-fibres with a 6-strand ”wire rope” lay. The outer layer of each strand comprises a special combination of Nylon monofilaments and Nylon multifilaments. KARAT® WINCHline is designed to be used on selftensioning winches and is DNV Type Approved.


  • High resistance to deformation.
  • No crushing or jamming on winch.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent fatigue properties giving longer lifetime.
  • High strength gives better safety.
  • Maintenance free.

Melting point: 250˚C.
Spec. gravity: 1,1.
Water absorption: 2%.
Reduction of MBL when wet: 1%.
Bending Ratio, Dynamic ISO 3730: 12:1.
Elongation, new rope: 25%.
Elongation, broken-in ropes (15-20 operations): 18%.


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