Anti-corrosion Tape PetroWrap

• Can be applied on wire brushed surfaces.
• Repels water, salt, alkalis and acids.
• Protects new or corroded surfaces.
• Withstands temperatures -40°C to 65°C.
• Will not crack, peel or harden.
• Non-toxic and non-polluting.

For maximum corrosion protection, use the following products:

PetroWrap Filler
Press-on putty for filling voies and pockets on surfaces to be wrapped.
Ideal for flanges and valves.
Available in 500 g blocks - 36 blocks per box.

PetroWrap Primer
Primer for surface preparation.
Displaces moisture.
Available in 4 kg tins - 4 tins per box.

PetroWrap Overwrap
Polyethylene tape coated on one side with a natural rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Adheres to PetroWrap tape to provide an attactive finish for the PetroWrap system.
Availale in two widths: 50 mm - 36 rolls per box 100 mm - 18 rolls per box.


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