BlocstopTM BSA Fall Arrest Device

For man riding applications a protective secondary safety device is mandatory. For this use Tractel offers the BSA Blocstop™. In response to the most strict safety regulations, it can easily be attached to most fittings. The «Tirfor®» jaw-type unit fitted inside the Blocstop™ closes onto the safety wire rope and as the jaws grip over a large area causes no damage to the wire rope.

The BSA models use two ropes, a load wire rope and a safety wire rope. The BSA Blocstop™ remains free on the safety wire rope as long as the BSA-lever is supported in its open position by the load carrying wire rope. A broken load wire rope will instantly result in closing the jaws in the BSA Blocstop™ and the load is safely arrested.

Max. load 500 kg up to 3.200 kg.
Operates automatically when there is slack wire rope or an inclined platform.


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